Low flow toilets installed in Lincoln home !

We took out the old Briggs 3 gallon flush toilets and replaced them with Gerber Avalanche 1.6 gallon flush comfort height toilets. ( some toilets are called comfort height, and some are called ADA these toilet are 161/2 or 17 inches tall ) Also new wax rings, new water supply lines, which are braided supply lines. Never try to use an old toilet wax to set a new toilet, you are asking for trouble !

The 1.6 gallon toilets can save you almost 50% in your toilet water usage.

Gerber Avalanche Toilet

Other things you can do to help your water consumption is to install low flow shower heads, some low flow shower heads are much better than others, try name brands such as Moen, Delta, Price Pfister, Kohler , etc.

Installing a hot water circulating system on your water heater will save water and money, by having hot water at your faucet, you are not draining cold water from the pipes while you wait for hot water.
These only require electrical at the water heater location.
There are a few to choose from. I recommend the Grunfos system. The systems electrical usage is about the same as a 25 watt light bulb, also most come with timers, so you can have them run at the times you need.

If you have any questions feel free to give me a call 916 759-6680