New Hot Water Heater for Lincoln Residence !

The Lincoln home owner called and said that water was coming out the the bottom of there hot water heater. Which is the most common call for hot water heaters. In most cases the bottom of the hot water heater has rusts out. In some cases it can be a water supply line that has rusted up or it was just not tightened properly. when this happens, it can look like the water is coming out of the bottom, The water runs down inside the hot water heater and soaks up in the insulation, and slowly drips out of the bottom of the hot water heater.
On this hot water heater the bottom had rusted out. We replaced it with a new Rheem Energy Saving 50 gallon gas water heater, with new water supply lines. If you are replacing your hot water heater it is a good idea to replace the water supply lines when doing so.
To help save your hot water heater from rusting out, flush your hot water heater once a year. Also try running your gas hot water heater on the lowest temperature that you can get by with, this also will help the life of your water heater.

If you need help or have any questions give me a call !